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Open Circle Dufton

Open Circle Dufton is a friendly social group who have been established for about the last twenty years. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month for 2 hours in Dufton's comfortable, refurbished Village Hall for a talk lasting about an hour, with a good speaker or an entertainer, and then afterwards we have a pleasant social time together. At gatherings, free refreshments are available or you can bring your own bottle. We also have an occasional outing or coach day trips at additional costs. 

Membership runs from January to December and currently (2022) costs £15 pa payable in January, then pro-rata (subject to group review annually in October). If you have not joined up you can attend as a guest for the small cost of £3 on the night. Donations towards the cost of speakers are also welcome!

The programme of events is below. You can also request one from the Events Co-ordinator, Ges Quarmby, or 017683 52628.

Open Circle Club Programme for 2024

meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month in Dufton Village Hall [CA16 6DB] at 7.30pm

Events Co-ordinator – Ges Quarmby – 017683 52628 Email:


January 10th Women in the First World War –

David Carter/Dufton

This illustrated talk looks at the way women contributed to the war effort between 1914 and 1918. It covers the spectrum of activity from persuading their male friends and relatives to join up, to their own patriotic attempts to participate, some of which were well publicised, but others were hidden and never known outside of the circle of family and close friends. Breaking through Victorian attitudes to class and gender played a huge part and women struggled to gain acceptance and recognition for their work; they suffered from prejudice, being patronised and having their efforts dismissed as unhelpful.



February 14th It Could only Happen to an International Retailer

Peter King/Dufton

An evening of Storytelling, fun and entertainment.

March 13th The Highway Cellist

Kenneth Wilson

The story of a journey from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome on a bicycle stopping to play music from his cello. The music will be a selection of Irish Airs and ballads, Bach cello suites, foot tapping and sensual tango numbers, and well known traditional tunes and film music.

April 10th All About Squirrels

Ian Jack

Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group

Can red and grey squirrels coexist in the same woodland?

How many red squirrels are left in the UK?

Why are red squirrels under such threat?

These and many other questions and facts will be talked about in Ian’s fabulous talk tonight helping us understand why our Red Squirrels need to survive.

May 8th Avoiding Scams

Niall McNicholas

Cumbrian Police Headquarters

Have you ever been scammed on-line? Yes - Well don’t be again!

Niall is going to talk to us about having the necessary capabilities to tackle and respond on-going crime.

Scams include identity fraud, phone scams, catalogue scams, courier scams, investment scams, HMRC scams, distraction burglary scams, computer software scams, and many more.


June 12th A Serious Decline in Swifts

Susan Rowlands and Richard Dickson / Penrith Swift Group

Screaming parties of swifts as they wiz through Dufton are really the first sign of summer, but they are being silenced by modern life. Come and find out how and what we can do about it.


July 17th The Work of the Great North Air Ambulance Services (GNAAS)

Mike Tennant

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens in an Air Ambulance rescue? How many trained people are in the Air Ambulance? How many other people are actually involved in a rescue? How long does it take to embolize an air ambulance? How much does it all cost? What can you do if an air ambulance is landing near you? Now is your chance to find out from this fascinating illustrated talk from Mieke.


August 14th Boccia

Anne Cradock

Boccia is a fun game, rather like petanque but with soft balls, thrown at the jack from a seated position. It is in fact a paralympic sport, but is suitable for all ages and abilities. Previous evenings of Boccia have been a great deal of fun and laughter, so do come along.

September 11th


October 9th Oak Tree Animal Charity - Carlisle


Oak Tree provides a safe place for cats, dogs and equines in their time of need. We look to re-home dogs, cats, and equines and work to support good, long-term healthy relationships between animals and their owners out in the community.


November 13th Another Antique Road Show

John Keith -Long Marton

John has been in the antiques business for many years and now retired has time to come and tell us all about it and look at some of our pieces, so please bring you treasurers along on the night.

This promises to be a very fun evening.



December 11th Christmas Meal together at the Stag Inn, Dufton


Outings for 2024:

April 20th 2024 Trip to Saltaire by Car Share and Train.

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