Music and Entertainment

The Village Hall Committee has established arrangements with Highlights, the Rural Touring organisation and Eden Valley Touring Network, part of the Eden Valley Artistic Network, for a regular series of concerts. Sometimes artists also perform through independent arrangements with us.

The most recent musical event was Snake Davis in the trio "Burden of Paradise", tickets £15. on Friday 29th July, 7.15 for 7.30pm start. The performance was attended by around 70 people - see the review below. 

From October onwards, there will be monthly musical events provided by Eden Valley Touring Network with two 45 minute performances by different artists each evening. Details of the performers can be found here.

Highlights, the rural touring network, also provide artists - there are two in the Autumn - see the upcoming events programme.

On Friday 29th July Snake Davis, the renowned saxophonist, played with singer and guitarist Helen Watson and David Bowie Jnr on Double Bass in a well-attended concert in Dufton Village Hall.


They were joined by Letty, Snake’s daughter, for some of the numbers. Letty and Helen’s voices blended superbly in some unusual and challenging harmonies. The quality of their singing was exceptional.


There were around 70 in the audience. There was a varied programme of music, ranging from subtle and gentle to robust and exciting, all characterised by superb musicianship and an excellent balance of instrumentation. No musician dominated but each artist was able to demonstrate their skill in a blend where the individual instruments shone through.


The variety of wind instruments and saxophones played by Snake gave each piece its musical characteristic – from deep bass to high treble – and, as a musician, as one audience member noted, he seems to live through his instruments. David’s double bass, rhythmic and expressive, held the pieces together. The double bass was not only rhythmic but on occasion also a virtuoso instrument.


The rapport between the band and audience was excellent and the presentation of the music and the banter between numbers developed a lightness of touch which enhanced everyone’s enjoyment.


It was ten years since BoP3 last performed in Dufton Village Hall, (which has had many changes and improvements to its staging ability since then). We hope it will be a shorter period before we are able to hear Snake and his fellow-musicians again.