The High Cup Nick Fell Race

The High Cup Nick Fell Race usually takes place in late February each year but in 2022 took place on the last Sunday in August because the February date was cancelled as the field used for parking was waterlogged. The Race is organised by Morgan Donnelly in conjunction with the Village Hall. The Hall acts as a base and check-in. Post-race refreshments are provided by the Village Community and a number of villagers act as marshals and help manage the car-parking. Around 500 runners usually enter the Race. The route of the race is available on this external link. Please note that some of the route crosses private land, which is used with the permission of farmers.


The 2023 Race will take place on 25th February.

High Cup Nick.jpg

Many day-visitors come to Dufton to climb up to High Cup Nick, a spectacular amphitheatre of volcanic rock about 3 miles from Dufton along the southern leg of the Pennine Way.