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2023 Featured Artists & Exhibitors

The following artists are featured in the image gallery below: John Sibson, Maria Burton, Polly Marix Evans, Robert Brindley, Roseanna Bellwood and Sue Foster.

For the 10th Annual Exhibition the following artists have been invited to exhibit:


Alan Roberts, Anna Mckay, Bill Taylor, Catherine Mullholland, Cathryn Beckett, Christine Rose, Dave Drewery, David Jackson, Diana Smith, Elizabeth Acland, Haydn Morris, Helen Steer, Ian Liddell, Isabella Lepri Simpson, Jane Chantler, Jean Mason, Jenny Higgins, John Campbell, John Sibson, Karen McSkimming, Kay Leech, Liz Jones, Margaret Shaw, Maria Burton, Mariana Klymchuk, Peter Brown, Polly Marix Evans, Ray Ogden, Robert Brindley, Roseanna Bellwood, Rosemary Koch-Osborne, Sally Taylor, Sarah Reid, Sue Foster, Tim Watson, Tricia Meynell, Ursula Hurst, Val Powell and Valerie Stamper.

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