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Stuart Fraser

Stuart is a Cumbrian landscape artist, based at his home studio at Great Corby in the lovely Eden Valley. Inspiration for Stuart surrounds him, particularly the marshes, fells, lakes and mountains of his beloved Cumbria and of course further afield.


Describing himself as “simply” an old-fashioned landscape painter, his work reflects the landscape that inspires him but is never a slavish copy. He encourages the viewer to observe his landscapes with imagination, looking beyond what we commonly see and know, to the sublime beauty that we are fleetingly but gratefully offered.

Painting for Stuart is about finding “magic moments” they provide the strong contrasts of shadow and light that demand Stuart pick up his brushes.
Employing extensive painting methods: brush and ragging out, layering and glazing, adding texture with impasto paint via scrapers, palette knife and scratching with a variety of tools to achieve the results he looks for.


Stuart paints under his childhood nickname and to learn more visit:

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