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Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw has always liked pictures. As a child she often played with a camera – liking the clicking sound of the shutter. However there was no film in the camera as it was expensive to have film developed back then.

Seeing the potential artist, one Christmas her parents bought her a watercolour set – she wasn’t impressed. Years later she has realised just how expensive that watercolour set was and would love to have it now.

At school she didn’t pursue art to examination level, not particularly liking the art teachers. Then came a career in learning and development. In her 40’s she took a watercolour class one holiday and realised she could do this. With a few more courses, she began her passion for art.

Over the years Margaret has continued to develop her skills. Trying out new media, going on workshops and experimenting with different materials. Still working with watercolour she also uses: watersoluble pastels and pencils, gouache, inktense, acrylic inks, acrylics, pastels and pastel pencils, charcoal, coloured and graphite pencils. She chooses her media dependant on the subjects and effects she wants to achieve.

Her photography has blossomed since her move to Cumbria. Initially taking photos to paint from, encouraged by friends, she invested in a serious camera. With some self-learning and development she now shows both her artwork and photography.

She’s: A member of the Eden Valley Artistic Network and displays work in their Penrith Gallery. A member of Prom Art, and can be seen with her gazebo for the summer season on the Prom at Grange over Sands. And the Secretary of the Brough and Stainmore Art group.

Her career in learning and development combined with her passion for art and being a Gold Member of the SAA has led to her running occasional art and photography workshops where she enjoys encouraging people to “have a go” at art.

She says “ I take photos because I find pleasure in capturing and sharing the beauty in this world as I see it. I produce artwork because I enjoy it. I like to experiment with art materials to turn that blank canvas or piece of paper into a unique artwork. My art journey started quite late in life but enthusiastically continues. In fact it will probably never end”.

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