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Lucy Hughes

Lucy loves to stimulate the senses using a combination of colour and texture, both are particularly important to her way of working. She has been fascinated by synaesthesia; this when individuals begin see colour and sense the smell or taste of the colours they see. Her ideal work would simulate these reactions in the viewer.


Lucy’s art is about the human condition and what brings it joy. She creates paths with her work, these represent the paths through life, the challenges, our decisions, our feelings, and the choices we make: Touching the human spirit.


Lucy uses the finest materials, to create colour and texture and they mean a lot to her. She has worked creating embroidered and sewn pieces and also using traditional methods such as Sashiko. Her current focus is to create woven bead pieces using the finest Japanese glass beads, Japanese threads and needles. Using acrylic painted canvas, the beaded panels are then offered up to the canvas and sewn on by hand. Bead weaving is a very traditional process, however Lucy brings this right up to date and creates fine art beaded pieces which are unique in style, composition and process. Some beads are silver lined and create a shimmering effect, whilst other times she uses gold or silver beads.


She has some formal knowledge of the rules governing the natural world having formally studied and worked in science. She has harnessed this in some of her work both subtly and directly, for example recreating the skin of endangered snakes and reptiles in beads, which adds to the tactile quality of the work. She often collaborates with her husband Roy and they are exploring oriental Japanese themes and ideas.


Lucy was born and brought up in a large city in the UK and loves both the city and the country. She now lives and works in Cumbria. She is inspired by the outdoors and nature, and the freedom and space this location has to offer.


Her creative sphere and achievements are quite broad. She has worked extensively in video and interactive video. She has created a body of video work for commercial uses and content shown on BBC and Sky. She continues to work in these areas. She has been interviewed on the BBC about her beadwork and has a popular YouTube channel where she explores art, beadwork and beadwork as therapy. The therapeutic value of beading and her work has recently been recognised in the US, she was invited to create an online course on a site devoted to supporting people recover from trauma. She has a range of awards, including a global first for her pivotal role in game designed to help people work together to achieve a common goal in corporate environments.


Lucy’s work has a broad appeal across the UK, Europe, US and Australasia. It has been purchased by a number of private collectors both in person and on-line. One collector has an art piece of hers alongside a Kandinsky artwork in a collection in Germany.


To see more of the work please visit, or Saatchi Follow on Facebook on @sciartsanddesign, Instagram @sci_arts_and_design. Or subscribe to the newsletter, or make contact by email on

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