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Linda Stanton

The inspiration for my art can hit at any time and it doesn't always have to come from nature or my surroundings. It can come in the form of a song, a film, through a general everyday conversation with someone or another arty person. Henri Rousseau was my first inspiration (along with my Grandma) when I was studying Art at GCSE level. Sport then took over my life where I became one of the first women to compete in the Pole Vault, breaking the Commonwealth Record in the mid 90's and then in 1999 badly breaking my wrist. As an aid to distraction, I picked up the paints and produced 'Jungle by Moonlight' (available as a print). I continued competing for a couple of years after and moved in to coaching where my art took a back seat again until I found inspiration on my move to my last sporty job by the side of the North Forty Foot Bank in Boston, Lincolnshire in 2006. Moving to Cumbria in 2011 with a change in job and the countryside life gave me more time to be creative. Joining Penrith Art Club and the Eden Valley Artist Network have given me opportunities to flourish and broaden my artistic horizons. If you would like to learn more about me and see more of my art work please visit my website


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